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Latest North American Technologies

Today we offer Nexa3D, AON3D, and BigRep next generation 3D printing products with more coming soon.

Industry Specific Videos

Nexa3D NXD 200 for Dental Labs:

American Made, Open Source, Ultrafast, Accurate, High Throughput, High precision, Reliable 3D Printer for Dental Materials. 

More about our Partners


AON3D is a 3D printer manufacturer featuring a High Temperature Industrial 3D Printer with the fastest and most affordable way to get strong, high-performance parts in the hands of engineers and designers. The AON M2+ drives value chain efficiency, from product development to manufacturing.


BigRep makes big, industrial 3D printers for big, full-scale parts (and even big batches of smaller parts).  Our commercial 3D printers are up to 1 m3 in build volume, which in fact is big enough to hold 2 baby elephants or equals the build volume of about 40 desktop printers. With a large 3D printer, you can advance your manufacturing  capabilities with 3D printed prototypes, jigs and fixtures, patterns and molds and end use parts.  Where size isn’t a limiting factor, BigRep industrial 3D printers are built to make you faster and more agile, getting your products to market ahead of the competition.   


Nexa3D is a 3D printer manufacturer enabling ultrafast and scaled additive production, offering unrivaled throughput, validated workflows, superb surface finish, and an open material platform. Our proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring (LSPc) 3D printing technology unlocks productivity gains by as much as 20 times greater than those of other 3D printing processes. We offer a wide range of polymer solutions, spanning from desktop resin 3D printing to industrial additive manufacturing systems.

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