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Save Some Time for Love

10 AM EST to 12 PM EST

Weathering the Supply Chain Storm
digital event


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Agenda at a Glance


  1. How is your supply chain impacting your business?

  2. Supply chain risks and future trends.

  3. Global influence on the supply chain and material sourcing.

  4. See the technology live.

  5. How to decentralize or flatten your supply chain?

  6. Q&A

  • 10:00-10:05 AM EST - Introductions by ELK3D

  • 10:05-11:00 AM EST - AON3D Intro + Live Demo

  • 11:00-11:05 AM EST - BREAK

  • 11:05-12:00 PM EST - Nexa3D Intro + Live Demo

  • 12:00 AM EST - Optional Q&A



An engineering leader from AON3D will demonstrate the AON M2+ which makes high temperature 3D printing accessible for businesses of all sizes.  During the demonstration, AON3D will discuss how customers are leveraging the AON M2+ and the materials platform to mitigate supply chain disruptions.



Nexa3D specialists will be performing a live demo of ultrafast 3D printing on the NXE 400: the next-generation, scalable manufacturing solution with additional washing (xWASH) and curing (xCURE) units capable of handling even the largest 16L parts on a single tray. The xWASH and xCURE units can handle both single large prints and a combination of smaller parts with multiple trays -- finishing parts in a matter of minutes. The market standard historically is that this would take hours with today’s available technologies. The end-to-end ultrafast production workflow reduces print times, labor costs, and post-processing times -- shortening supply chains and bringing products to market faster.

During the demo they will take a deep dive into the process of how to develop use cases for 3D printing, identifying the right materials, and considerations that could impact business outcomes in additive manufacturing.

We will answer the question: How are other industry innovators leveraging the NXE 400 and the full Nexa3D platform?

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