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3D Printing Specialists

Professional 3D Solutions Under One Roof

20+ Materials Available

Servicing North America

Top Industrial Printers


What We Offer

As 3D manufacturing becomes more and more accessible, we provide industrial solutions for the entire 3D process, from prototyping to industrial printing.

Why Choose ELK 3D?

Cutting Edge Printers

We've partnered with the best in the industry.  Innovation is what we're focused on.  Allowing our customers to focus on their business.

Durable, High Quality Materials

We work with some of the largest providers of additives and materials to make your vision and product come to fruition.

Bespoke Service

From idea / concept to CAD designs and rapid prototyping.  Our technicians, engineers, and service team is here for you.

Experienced Advisor Service

We've spent our entire lives in manufacturing, distribution and service industries.  We're focused on the next wave of innovation.

We Keep Top Notch Materials


“When I look to partner with a service company, I look at their processes and whether they will be transparent.  ELK 3D leadership demonstrates what I need to see in a long term partner for us.”

Engineer, Imperva

“I selected ELK 3D because of their technical team.  They walked me through every question virtually and are aligned with their manufacturing partners, they were available on demand for us as well.”

VP of Operations, EventSource

“We needed a rapid prototype for a pitch and ELK 3D's team was there for us.  They worked with us on the designs and delivered our product within days of us engaging with them!”

Security Engineer, Cisco

The Possibilities Are Endless

Focus Technologies



  • What is the best first step to take?
    The best resource of information will be our specialist advisors. They will be able to guide you through the process and the common miscues that take up time. Delaying outcomes.
  • Is it possible to test a prototype with your machine?
    YES! We can use our machine to produce a prototype or a widget as a sample. Mail it to you and discuss your thoughts.
  • Where are you located?
    We have a full scale machine shop in Ohio. We have specialists and offices in Detroit / Toledo, Cleveland, Charlotte, and Orlando.
  • Is it possible to do a web demonstration?
    Absolutely! We can do web demos via Zoom, Google Meets, Webex, or any system you're comfortable with. Most are done like this now a day.
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