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Who We Are


We're 3rd and 4th generation industry specialists working with innovative manufacturing companies in Germany, Europe, and the United States of America.  

Ryan H. - CEO - 3rd generation member from a family with a deep history in industrial distribution, service and repair. In 1957, our Grandfather started Fluid Mechanics Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio.  Then built up by our father and his brothers and brother in law.  All our lives we've worked in the industry of creation, distribution, and service.  Partnering with American Bosch™, Bendix™, Duap™, Robert Bosch™ and Woodward Diesel Systems (formerly Bryce, Lucas/Bryce, Delphi), L'Orange.  In 2016, the family sold the business which was shortly re-acquired by Rolls Royce.

Our history of manufacturing, distribution, and service since 1940.

Chuck D. - President - 4th generation member from a family with history rich in machining. The Danielson’s Danco Metal Products Inc., founded in 1940, excelled in engineering, cutting (laser and punch press), CNC forming (multi-bend folding and press brake), CNC machining, robotic and manual welding, automated and manual insertion, finishing, powder coating, value added assembly, kitting and logistics services. Although Danco and the plant sold in 2011, which coincidently Fluid Mechanics now operates from, he strives to revive the legacy with Ryan through Elk3D utilizing the latest in technology and innovations.

The 3rd and 4th generation family business owners are back and focused on 3d printing, as well as innovative supply chain technologies.

Our Mission

We grew up in manufacturing.  
We're builders. 

We believe in American made.

We service what we build.

We stand behind the products that we offer.  That's why we don't partner with every manufacturing company.  We look for precision quality, expertise, and value.  We understand that the market has lagged because of time to value.  Our business model focus is to ensure that our customers execute on an efficient time to value business plan.  Delivered by our team of specialists to ensure alignment with our customers.


If you're innovating your competitors will pass you by.  3d printing is an innovation vehicle.  We're here to help you with an innovation framework and can integrate that into your project.


Total transparency is key to outcomes therefore we're never going to sales talk you.  We're focused on ensuring your expectations align with the actual outcome.  We want you to love the entire process!


We cover from Michigan, Ohio to the Carolinas, down to Florida.  We have a specialist near you or we can remote one in for a work session.  We're happy to help and proud of our local presence on the east.

Core Values

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