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A community supported
on-demand industrial 3D print collab lab.

Join our Lowcountry community collaboration!

Our goal is to bridge the knowledge gap between industrial 3D printing technology and the local community through access, experience, education, and innovation.


Who would we like to collaborate with?

  • Community leaders of Beaufort County, SC and surrounding areas of the Lowcountry invested in the future success of our our local communities including residents, schools and businesses.

  • Local businesses, schools, manufacturers, military, medical groups and any entity that would benefit from having local access to state of the art industrial 3D printing.

ELK3D is the industry leading single source provider of additive manufacturing, and 3D printing products & supplies for manufacturers.  We represent state of the art,  industry-leading manufacturers of 3D printing technologies designed to improve workflow and accuracy while reducing labor, material and supply chain costs.

ELK3D Print Lab will be a self-funded charitable subsidiary providing funding through local on-demand 3D Printing to:

  • educate, train & certify the local community on all aspects of industrial 3D printing

  • create job opportunities for newly certified 3D printer operators

  • create internship opportunities for high school and college students with access to the top manufacturers in the world for career pathways

  • donate industrial 3D printers to schools and local organizations in need

  • maintain a state of the art 3D print lab keeping up with the latest technology

  • provide ON-DEMAND INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTING services for the local community, for both commercial and general public.

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Mass Production

  • Test runs

  • Promotional Products

  • Unique Gifting

  • And more​

Ways to collaborate:


Become a Founding Member Sponsor of our Community Innovators through corporate sponsorship.


We create Community Partnerships with like-minded Civic and non-profit organizations that make a positive impact on our communities. 


Our community collab lab welcomes contributions in all forms needed.  Interested in sharing your time & talents? Let's talk!


ELK3D Print Lab is committed to educating, training & certifying students, residents and your employees in the future of additive manufacturing.

Interested in Sales & Service?

We employ lean manufacturing principles to flatten your supply chain, increase speed of product development to drive efficiencies and drastically reduce costs associated with traditional manufacturing. 

To elevate Beaufort County's position on the spectrum of innovative and technologically advanced communities, we are offering current municipalities, manufacturers and local industrial businesses an ELK Supply Chain Assessment (ESCA) - onsite insourcing, design, and ROI analysis to determine how efficient and productive your current system/machinery is. With the new technology, we've seen production increase by 20x and production costs lowered by as much as 85% at the fraction of the cost for the equipment.

Interested in connecting with us about the ELK3d Print Lab, a live demo or sales & services?

Please contact

Our Solutions:

SLA: stereolithography 

Nexa3D NXE-400 - The fastest 3D printer in the world... 

Nexa3D material options here.

FFF:  fused filament fabrication

AON3D-M2 : High Temperature Industrial 3D Printer

AON3D material options here.

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